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Co-sleeping - only for vacation!

Remember when I was all "WOE! Must sleep in one-bedroom suite while on vacay! Why can't we all have a Brangelina-ish summer home in the tropics?! How will we EVER SURVIVE?" Remember? Right? Okay. So then you guys wrote in all SUPER HELPFUL and I wrote down my favorite tips, I am not even joking, and THEN. I forgot. Which is how Phillip and I found ourselves in a one-bedroom suite two blocks from Waikiki beach, with two desperately tired children and no baby monitor. I know, internet. I KNOW. So much for THAT advice, huh?!

But you know what? We made it work, and the way we made it work was unexpected and out of character for us. It was not recommended. It was not advised. I'm still hardly sure how it happened. And when a friend asked us how the kids were sleeping and I told her what we were doing, she gave me a look that said, "Oh. That can't be good."

Because we were all sleeping in the same room. Three of us were sleeping in the same bed! And we did this every night and with major success. Who would have thunk, internet? NOT ME!

The first night it was just because we were all so tired. Jack and Molly fell asleep in the big bed while Phillip was reading them stories, and while it was easy to move Molly to the [kinda too-small] crib, neither of us felt like moving Jack to the huge pull out sofa bed in the suddenly large and cavernous living area. He's been waking up saying, "I scared in my bed!" and I just didn't want to do that to him in a new place. We had a king bed and it just didn't seem like a huge deal to leave him there. Well, it sort of did, at two in the morning when his head was jammed in my armpit and at three in the morning when his feet were on my face, but I sort of liked having him there. He's so SWEET when he's tired and so ADORABLE when he wakes up in the morning. I was so busy doing wedding stuff most of the days we were there, I felt grateful for these special times with my little boy.

We didn't intend to keep it up, and the first three or four nights we would always discuss moving Jack to the sofa bed, but we never did. We were all jet lagged, so we often went to bed right after the kids fell asleep. There was no need, really, for staying up in another room. One night when Jack was having a hard time it didn't matter, because I was ready to go to bed anyway and I just crawled in next to him and we fell asleep all cuddled up. I loved it!

But we are not co-sleepers. I thought about it. I did. I STILL think it is the sweetest darlingest thing to sleep right next to your baby and seriously, if you are nursing and NOT sleeping with your baby I have no idea how you get through the day. (Well, I do, since I distinctly remember getting up multiple times a night to feed Jack in the rocking chair. It wasn't until the second baby that I figured out how to nurse in bed, which, now that I'm remembering it, sort of required a baby who would LEARN to nurse in bed, so, ah, shut up Me.) ANYWAY! Co-sleeping! I am in favor! But we could never pull it off. Jack does all sorts of Olympics-worthy gymnastics while he sleeps and the few times we have kept him bed with us have resulted in unsightly bruises. Even in Hawaii I didn't sleep well, I was just enjoying the I'm-on-vacation-so-the-rules-don't-apply benefits. And besides, all the co-sleeping families I know have king beds (sometimes with a co-sleeper or twin bed pushed up to the side!) and we only have a queen. Not happening for us.

I loved it, though. Going to sleep and waking up with my kiddos will probably be one of my favorite memories from the trip. I'm not sure what Phillip thinks, since Molly made a point of crying in the early morning hours and he would pick her up and take her to sleep in the sofa bed, just the two of them. And I'd wake up with an arm dangling off the side of the bed, just barely hanging on, and Jack's little bottom lodged in my ribs. I could see the wide swath of bed that could have been mine, if only Jack wasn't using me as his crib bumper. But it's only on vacation, he's only this little and scared in his bed for so long, you know?

I'll make sure to ask you for advice next time I have a Burning Dilemma, but I have to say, I'm not sorry things worked out differently this time!

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