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Daddy Daze Rocks the File Server

Poor Daddy Daze. Due to major server troubles, he had to stay at work till 11:30 p.m. The good news: "I beat our file server into submission last night," he reports (for a more detailed account of the server wars, see Daddy Daze's extensive comments, below).

The bad news: No new post today.

Because Daddy Daze is simply too forthright a guy to ever deliver a "dog ate my homework" excuse, and because we know he really does deserve a break, we're celebrating him today by sharing his best posts of 2007.

Daddy Daze's adventures with Grace are always winners. There was the heartbreaking sock hop that left him wondering whether he'd failed his own daughter, and the over-the-top pony party that proved, to us at least, that he hasn't, and he won't.

His trips down memory lane are invariably a pleasure. We loved hearing about the day his dad showed him how to gut a perch and the childhood mornings he spent in front of the coal-burning stove (no, he's not that old!), not to mention the first signs of summer, past and present.

Daddy Daze's funniest look-back, which involved finding out his wife was pregnant (both times), triggered a lively flood of comments, all of you eager to share your own pregnancy-stick blunders and surprises. Go ahead, add your own memory to the mix.

But wait, now it turns out Daddy Daze used his free time to go to...a birthday party? With a colossal, inflatable waterslide? What!? That's the last time we take pity on the man.

File server emergency. Right.


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