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Dare I Say It...

The seeds have been planted. The preparations made. The supplies purchased. But most importantly, the dates have been committed to, by way of three large X's on my calendar.

Yes, I'm referring to the upcoming holiday weekend, but it's not what you might be thinking. This Memorial Day, we will be...dare I say it...potty training!

It's time. Lucas is 38 months old and is in full control of his bodily functions. When out, he holds his poops to make later in the privacy of our home and he can also hold his pee. Even his teacher told us Lucas is 100 percent totally ready for potty training. So here we go!

Planting the seeds — I've been preparing Lucas for over a week now by telling him that one day soon he won't be able to wear diapers anymore. Every day we talk about all of his friends, both girls and boys, as well as his cousins, who are potty trained. I've even told him that once he stops wearing diapers and starts making pees and poops on the potty, he can go to the toy store and pick out anything he wants. Anything.

Preparations made — In anticipation of potty training, I've been preparing my mom and Husband. Not only is Husband a softy and has been known to cave in when Lucas cries, but Husband also has a habit of giving Lucas a full sippy when they read bedtime books, both big no-no's when potty training. And my mom, who watches the kids, will have to get into the habit of continually reminding Lucas to go potty, or she will be doing a lot of laundry!

The supplies — Yesterday, I went to one of the large discount chains to buy diapers and some lip gloss. Two-hundred dollars later, I emerged with not only diapers and lip gloss, but also Spider-Man, Superman, and Power Ranger underwear, among lots of other crap I am sure I don't really need! But Lucas was so thrilled to see his new underwear, he asked to try them on without his diaper. I also bought some Pull-Ups to wear during naps and a portable potty seat to use when we're away from the house. I also stocked up on disinfectant wipes and paper towels to clean up the inevitable accidents.

The date — What better time to potty train than over a long weekend? As a working mother, long weekends are few and far between, so it's do or die this Memorial Day. It's too bad for Husband, though, because his birthday also falls this weekend. But I'll make it up to him — he can come with Lucas and me to the toy store and pick out anything he wants. Anything.

Wish us luck!


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