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Things That Make Us Cry

There seems to be a lot of crying going on around my house lately.  Most of it comes from the kids but I’ll admit that I’m not immune from shedding a few tears from time to time.  Once I get started it’s sometimes hard to stop.  There are several things that make us cry and each one of us is unique.

I cry when I’m really sad or really happy.  I cry when I hear live music, pretty much regardless of performance quality, style or genre.  When my loved ones are hurting, I tend to weep.  I weep when I perceive injustice.  I cry every time I see one of the new iPhone commercials where the actors are having an intimate conversation with a loved one using video chat and not just because it’s a brilliant marketing campaign and my husband works for one of their direct competitors and it will likely affect our stock prices in a negative way.  They’re like the Hallmark commercials of today.  I cry when I’m tired.

Dan cries when someone he loves dies.  There was this one other time that he cried too.

Magoo gets wet around the ocular cavity when he can’t find his big ducks blanket, when Laylee hisses at him SO MEAN, and when he has to come inside or go outside.  He just likes to stay wherever he is.  He is unfazed by blunt head trauma but will ball if he grazes his knee and it produces blood or anything like unto it.  Sometimes popcicles make him cry if they are not in his mouth.

Laylee cries when she’s mad or when she feels bad about something she’s done.  Chores can make her tear up.  She sometimes cries because she’s a girl and the emotions are just too much to handle.

Wanda cries because she cannot speak.  She cries because the baby gate exists.  She cries when I won’t let her launch her body off of high surfaces.  She weeps when I accidentally let her launch her body off of high surfaces.  Wanda cries because other kids can walk.  She cries because of diapers and the fact that when one comes off another one will surely go on.  She cries to be picked up.  Then she sobs because she wants to get down.

Sometimes Wanda cries because there’s nothing dangerous around or because she can see something dangerous but can’t reach it.  She is sad because the only good food to eat is food that someone else is currently eating.  She cries sometimes when she’s asleep because it’s lonely and she wants me to come watch her sleep.

Wanda cries when she laughs too hard.  Wanda cries if we’re not currently making her laugh.  She cries if I stand next to the car talking to a friend while she’s strapped down inside or if she’s tired.

As Wanda approaches her first birthday, I find myself concerned about her emotional stability.  Although she's happy most of the time, she really does cry WAY more than the rest of us.  Sometimes she is such a baby.