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Dear Thanksgiving Gods

Another year in the world of parenting has passed, and I have much for which to be thankful. And while some may seem minor, they are much appreciated in the house of half-family. Mainly:

  • that B&B slept until 7:45am EST this morning!
  • that Bean only threw up three times the other night, because we were out of sheets and while laundry at 3am sounds like A RAGING PARTY, we were really hoping for just a couple of hours of sleep
  • that I have not seriously damaged my kids (so far) in my career as a parent
  • that G loves to shop for groceries (I know — just weird) and will actually cook said groceries
  • that B&B will wake up in the morning and play quietly until we get up
  • that even though the word quiet is subjective between kids and adults, B&B's quiet is at least within the limits of an acceptable decibel
  • that when we ask Buddy to do a chore, he sighs and says, "OOOOOOOOOO-kaaaaay," …and then does it
  • that Bean eats all the vegetables off her plate first  …unless there is rice; then vegetables are second (what can I say — the girl is Korean)
  • that Buddy will randomly hug me and say, "Mom, you're my best friend," or "Mom, I love you sooooo much"
  • that Bean will get up and dance like Elaine Benes whenever/wherever she hears music
  • that Buddy sings himself to sleep so loudly that when it abruptly stops, we know that he has finally fallen asleep
  • that the other night, B&B said, "Thank you," to the very kind waiter every time he handed them something (parental pride hits you at the goofiest moments, I swear)
  • that our kids will not go to college in diapers
  • that B&B are your run-of-the-mill backseat drivers, yelling, "C'mon, Bozo!" when drivers do not go on green (hey, that's better than what I normally try not to say around the kids)
  • that they hug each other and tell each other hello when they wake up from their naps
  • that B&B have each other and will always have each other in their lives on whom they can lean and support

Thanksgiving Gods, you have been good to us, as you are every year. Thank you not only for the big things, but for the small as well. The small things go a long way.

The half-family

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and many small things for which to be thankful.


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