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Soul Holiday

Denene Millner of MyBrownBaby

Sweeties! It’s just a few days before Christmas and I’m busy finishing up the family gift shopping, plotting a kick-butt cocktail to serve up at our holiday dinner with my family, detangling, washing, conditioning and styling our hair so that the girls and I will look super cutie at said dinner, putting together a killer Soulful Holiday Christmas Playlist for all of us to enjoy and getting the girls on their Peanut Butter Kiss cookies duty for Santa. Amazingly, I feel relatively calm heading into the holiday season. Maybe because unlike last year, when I was writing a cover story on Angela Bassett for a major magazine, work this year is scarce. And we’ve decide that a low-key, downscaled celebration is not only necessary but practical. And I’ve decided that now is not the time to worry about a thing, because we have what money can’t buy: health, strength, family, faith and, above all else, love.

In keeping with my easy breezy Christmas celebration, I whipped up a Christmas e-card on my favorite e-card site, JibJab. Really, this is the way it must be. I mean, I admit it: When it comes to sending Christmas cards, I’m THE WORST. Like, I’ll spend an hour in the card aisle, pondering color schemes, sentiment, friends and family lists—all of that. And then I’ll buy a couple boxes and take them home and then… they’ll sit. Finding addresses, licking envelopes, bringing them to the mailbox—I suck at all of these things. Honest to goodness, next to like, Target and Crane’s, I have to have the largest collection of pretty, unused holiday greeting cards on the planet. So this year, I figured I’d go all out like a true blogger should, and post my digital Merry Christmas card right on MyBrownBaby. It’s environmentally friendly (no paper or stamps necessary!). Good for a giggle (peep Nick’s mean mug, and Mari and Lila’s goofy goober faces!). And it won’t clutter up your kitchen drawers. You can thank me later.

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To get the MyBrownBaby Soulful Holiday Christmas Playlist, click here. And to see our holiday Christmas card, click here.

HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS CYBER HUG from my family to yours!