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Don't Get Mad Get Creative

I don't want to shock anyone but I will admit that sometimes I argue with my kids. Sometimes I even fight with them. Honestly, they usually fight with me while I smile and nod my head like a very pleasant and immovable brick wall.

One of the things they fight with me about most often is the television. The conflicts are generally in regards to THEY WANT IT ON and I would like to see them mobilize one or two of their limbs every few hours...for health and to avoid atrophy.

Frustrated by her lack of control over her own viewing habits due to the fact that Mom holds the deed to ye olde flickering blue-lighted box of joy, Laylee decided to take matters into her own hands.

While I was working out at the gym, she was hard at work in the child care center constructing a television of her very own.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Never to be thwarted by my pointless restrictions again, Laylee came home and mounted her creation on the wall next to the real TV. She sat for minutes at a time staring at the wall, laughing and narrating the characters' dialogue. When she got bored with the current program, she would insert a new piece of paper and draw something different.

Box of joy
Box of joy

Every once in a while she would shoot me a snooty glance and say something about how much she LOVED watching her TV whenever she wanted. It appeared her plan was working perfectly.

See what happened when I forced her to turn off the television? She formulated an evil plot, made something with her hands, colored some gorgeous pictures, became a screenwriter and actor, and used her incredible imagination to occupy herself. Guess she showed me!


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