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Enter Sandman


We live by the beach, and we've got a sandbox in the backyard, so the kids are around sand all of the time. Since we'd like to keep as much of the sand outside of the house as possible, we've taken the steps that help a coastal family survive a sandy summer.

First of all, the outdoor shower is up and running to rinse the kids. As soon as we get home it's swimsuits off and under the shower. Also, the clothesline has been strung up for the swimsuits and Strawberry Shortcake beach towels (as an aside, nothing says "Manhood" like pinning Strawberry Shortcake beach towels and princess swimsuits to a clothesline). I've also mounted several hooks to the ceiling of the tool shed to hang bags of toys, beach chairs and so on.

It sounds like we're well prepared, but Bill still manages to smuggle sand into the house.

In his butt.

The kid eats sand. I don't mean a few stray grains make their way into his mouth, I mean he's shoving it in like it's cotton candy. I can only guess that it's salty, and that's what he likes. Or maybe dried seaweed and stray hermit crab parts make quite a nice seafood salad. Either way, we tell him, "No, William, we don't eat sand," to which he grins and shoves sand into his mouth. I'm fairly certain I don't have to tell you what happens at diaper-changing time.

I've been on Google researching "eating sand" (because I've convinced myself there's something "wrong" with him), and it seems that it's rather common and eventually goes away.

What has your experience been, dear readers? Do your kids treat the beach or sandbox as their personal buffet?