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A Farewell To Summer (The Unfond Version)

Erin Zammett Ruddy

There are a ton of things I will miss about summer, this one in particular. But since there are only a few more unofficial days left of this blissful season and we can’t turn back time, I thought it might soften the blow if we took a minute today to focus on all of the things we’re glad to close the book on. Stream-of-consciousness style. Here’s what I won’t miss about parenting in the lazy days:

Sunscreen application, suncreen purchasing (we use California Baby and it's $$$$$), sandy feet, sandy cars, sandy bags, sandy cracks, always-damp bathing suits, bug bites, stubbed toes, hot cars, drowning anxiety, hot dog anxiety, skin cancer anxiety, unidentified rashes, the ice cream man, paper plates, late bedtimes, light beer, rose (I overdid it with the pink stuff by end of June), boob sweat, 24/7 air conditioning, kids that just don’t smell that good (a bath in a hose is not quite the same as a bath with soap and warm water), watering plants, being bathing-suit ready on a daily basis, bad TV (I cannot wait for my primetime shows to start!), we-should-be-outside guilt, forgetting to water plants, what-should-we-do-tonight-itis (when the weather is amazing, Tuesday feels like Saturday), humidity, shit on my sunglasses (seriously, where do these smudges come from?), mosquitos, spiders, rogue crickets getting caught in my house, never finding said cricket and, last but not least, wet beach towels--everywhere. My car, the beach bags, the backs of doors, my bed. UGH.  

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. Like I said, I love summer and this was an exceptionally good one (photo highlights next week), but I also LOVE fall (more on that later). I am not sad to move into the next season at all and the above list makes it that much easier. Sayonara sunscreen et al. That said, before it's all officially over, I plan to spend the next three days boating, beaching, pooling, BBQing and generally summering it up. So, what will you NOT miss about the dog days? In the meantime, happy Labor Day weekend! Remember to turn off your propane :)