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Halloween 2010—a peek at our crazy fun weekend

Our Halloween weekend was a huge success. It started with Friday night pumpkin carving and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by the fire. Saturday we took the kids to breakfast at a fun retro diner that had converted into a haunted house (we had to read the menus using flashlights!). Then I took Alex and Nora to a friend’s kiddie party while Nick recovered from the breakfast outing. Saturday night the kids slept at my parents’ and we went to a kick-ass adult costume party a friend threw. I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween since college, and while the planning and prep were anxiety-inducing (your costume-shop options as a woman are basically slutty nurse, slutty referee, slutty teacher, slutty taxi driver, etc., etc., etc.), I ultimately had fun with it. Nick and I wound up going as scandalous Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan—see below for the photos. On Sunday we slept in (needed) then rounded up the kids and got ready for trick-or-treating. First we went to my cousin, Katie’s, neighborhood, then to my sisters’. Alex was awesome, turning down a lot of candy because it had peanuts and calling to me from front stoops several times, “Mom, do skittles have peanuts?!” It ended with the kids zonked in their beds and Nick and I eating Chinese food in front of the fire. Utterly exhausted (so much so that we just put a bowl of candy on our front stoop—but we never get any trick-or-treaters anyway…). It was a fantastic weekend from beginning to end. And it will be hard to top this Halloween. Hope yours was great too! What did your kids go as? Did any of you dress up? I have to say, I am into it!

Here are the photos:

We went with your basic jack-o-lantern face, but I saw some serious carving talents out there!

Nora likes to sample everything…

She is also, as of this weekend, officially walking. Oy!

All the little kiddies at the kiddie party—not all looking at the camera, of course. 

The ladybug and the zebra. 

Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan—what do you think?

This shot was taken so you could see my scram ankle bracelet. My dad made it for me that morning out of luggage belts. I felt like a kid again (apart from the inappropriate costume, of course). 

Alex had gotten a buzz cut last week so we went with the theme and he dressed as a fighter pilot. He made us call him Maverick all weekend. 

He later broke these adorable little aviators (“by accident, mom!”) so I let him wear mine (see below), which were from Target so I wasn’t too worried. 

Alex and his cousins and second cousins trick-or-treating—and being very silly. 

We stopped for a photo op on a random person’s porch. Happy Halloween!

Our little bug is walking. Watch out, world!