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Merry Christmas! (And a video you have to watch. Please)

We finally got the kids to pose for a Christmas card shot so I thought I’d share. Well, they never actually posed so Nick just raked a big pile of leaves and they played in it and I shot candids. It works, I think, though probably screams more Holiday Harvest than Christmas card. Anyway, I love them, they’re all out (almost) and I’m happy. Now on to my last-minute shopping (there is no other kind for me) and planning a Christmas Eve dinner that I’m hosting for my family. Tis the season to be merry and overwhelmed! But mostly merry…

And in the spirit of the season (and the spirit of giving) I want to share this PSA with you. It stars some major celebs, my new friend, Ethan Zohn (of Survivor fame and recently a hodgkins lymphoma survivor), my old friend Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer fame and…yours truly. It’s for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, which was founded by philanthropist Denise Rich after she lost her daughter, Gabrielle, to acute leukemia. She was just 27 years old. I met Denise a few months after I was diagnosed with chronic leukemia and we instantly bonded. I’ve been working with the organization ever since and am so proud of my connection. In the past 15 years they have granted over 16 million dollars for blood cancer research. The kind of research that helped doctors discover Gleevec, the lifesaving drug I take every day. The drug that allowed me to live a normal life and have those two crazy, amazing, wonderful kids up there. In other words, this is an amazing organization doing some amazing things. (My friend, Sarah, over at also posted about the PSA yesterday--thanks, Sarah!)

So I hope you’ll take a look at the PSA and, if you can, make a donation and read a little more about Gabrielle and the amazing work her mother has done in her honor. Thanks and have a fantastic holiday! Merry, merry! XO