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Vacation photos: Who says it’s too hot to go to Florida in August?

We are just getting back today from our “official summer vacation.” I put that in quotes because in some ways I feel like this whole summer has been a vacation. Thanks in part to the awesome weather and largely because of the newfound can-do, embrace-the-chaos attitude of yours truly.  We spent the past five days in…Florida. I know what you’re thinking: Why would you go to Florida in the middle of August? Yes, the temps are so hot that your sunglasses fog when you walk outside. And the humidity, well, let’s just say that even Nick’s hair is curly and it’s usually pin straight. But we came because it was free (we stayed at my parents’ house) and because hot or not, it’s gorgeous here. And there is a beautiful ocean nearby and pools to swim in and cold beer to drink and air conditioning and lots of other things that make the heat bearable.

I love this picture!

We had a blast. In addition to our little foursome, my mother-in-law was along for the ride, which meant that we had another set of hands to parent our children. And Nick and I had a babysitter for the night we hung with friends who live local—fun! I am also one of those rare women who actually enjoys her MIL’s company so she actually added to the good times. We did a lot of swimming, biking, working out, seafood eating, playing in the ocean and just plain relaxing. (We did not, however, go to Disney for the day like Nick wanted; some things are just too crazy even for my recent go-with-the-flow mentality). It was a fantastic vacay. And because I’m currently en route back to NY, I’m going to post a few photos for you to check out. Hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we’re enjoying ours!

Alex officially refuses to pose for photos--this is the best I could do!


He is obsessed with the ocean. How could you not be when it's this beautiful?!


Nora loved the beach--and eating the sand.


My little beach baby--see how I've converted to loving the craziness of kids at the beach?


Flying Nora!


Nick, his mom and Al lounging in the surf--does it get any better than this? 


Our sad attempt at a family shot. Oh well.....


Daddy-daughter swim


Nora trying to stand up--her new favorite activity. D'oh!


Lunch at our favorite little dive bar on the beach.


The view from lunch (peel-n-eat shrimp, cold beer, fish tacos, heaven)


Nora took very well to being on vacation--she smiled like this the entire five days!