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Would You Rat Out Someone Else’s Nanny?


When I was picking up Nora from school the other day, I watched her classmate's babysitter do something that was definitely a little questionable in terms of good judgment. What would you do?

This sitter is always looking a little frazzled, but that’s hardly a crime. And she’s young and nice and the kids she cares for seem to love her. But the other day, she and I were both loading the kids into our cars at the same time. She got the little girl—who’s Nora’s age—into her car seat and then realized she’d forgotten something. (I know this because I overheard her tell the little girl she had to go back inside for a second.) So she closed the door and went back into the school. And she left the little girl in the car. I thought she’d just be running to the front desk, which is only steps from where she was parked and in sight (I’ve done that), but she was gone for a good two-to three minutes. I lingered just to make sure the kid was OK (and because I was curious about how long the sitter would be gone) and she finally emerged with a teddy bear. I threw my car in reverse and left, but I couldn’t help thinking wow, did she really just do that? Ballsy.

Now here’s the thing. We were in a good neighborhood, the parking lot is right in front of the entrance and the kid was strapped in. And I’m sure she locked the door (though I didn’t hear any beeps). But I just know that I wouldn’t leave my kids in the car like that in a busy parking lot where tons of other moms and dads would see my kids sitting in the car alone and think, WTF. And there was a theft there recently (someone had a purse stolen out of their car, despite the fact that this truly is a very nice and safe neighborhood). I forget shit all the time and I have to cart my kids back out of the car. It sucks, but I do it. And I would certainly expect my babysitter to do the same. Or to ask another mom (I was right there) to watch the kid/car while I ran back inside. I’ve done that also.

I do not know the mom well enough to casually mention this to her while we’re chatting at drop off, so it would definitely have to be an awkward conversation. And I freaking hate those, particularly when it involves other people’s kids. And really, it wasn’t that big of a deal, I know. Lord knows, I do some questionable things. But this is the type of judgment call I wouldn't want my sitter making. Would you? It would be one thing if the mom herself did it; and maybe she does and she doesn’t mind that the babysitter does, but this little scenario left me a little shocked. Am I overreacting? How would you feel in my shoes and would you make a point to mention it to the mom?