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Forget Disneyland!

When my kids win the Super Bowl, they're going to the bathroom. They love spending time in the bathroom. To Laylee and Magoo, the bathroom is the happiest place on earth.

It's a place to play with water guns inside. It's a place to see mommy in her natural state. It's a place to lock the door and create a flood when no one is looking…all in the name of hygiene. It's a place to turn off the lights and shine a flashlight around. It's a place to take pictures of your giant Miffy in privacy. It's a place where soft fluffy paper flows free. And of course the bathroom is a place you must never EVER let your mommy visit unattended. EVER.

The other day I noticed that Laylee had been off the radar for WAY too long. When I called out to her, I could hear her muffled reply from the main floor bathroom, "Just a minute."

I politely informed her that I was coming in and opened the door to find her hard at work creating these.

daring young mom 

Hand soap nuptials

Why are your soap bottles covered in tissue paper, you might be asking yourself. Good question. Well Laylee looked up at me with pride. "Mom look! I dressed them up like Ariel and Eric at their wedding! They're getting married!"


So what do your kids do in the bathroom?


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