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Happy and Exhausted Are Not Mutually Exclusive

I used to plan our mornings by the hour. Get up, breakfast, bath, shower, out of the house. We could go to Target or a playgroup or the park or the wading pool or Grandma's house – I didn't care. We just had to get out of the house. Lunch time seemed light years away, and I knew my best chance of survival meant getting out of the house.

Now? With Molly? By the time I get everyone bathed and dressed, it's time for lunch.

I'm relishing this unforeseen development. It sure makes the mornings fly by, and you know what comes after lunch, right? NAPS. And lately Molly's been conking out for the afternoon right in time with Jack, so I'm getting two (or sometimes even three!) hours of uninterrupted time for laundry and vacuuming. (Oh ALL RIGHT. Maybe I'm doing a bit more blogging and TV watching than vacuuming, but give me a break. I need my down time!)

I am, however, a little nervous that I am never going to leave my house again.

The extra baby work makes the hours go faster, but adding Molly to our family has meant a simpler and slower life. It's hard to make definite plans or get anywhere on time when you are the sole food source for a tiny human who eats every couple of hours. I'm still adjusting to the sleep deprivation, so I make sure to take advantage of any moment when both kids allow me to sit down or sprawl across the bed. The amount of laundry doubled, so we spend a lot of time folding clothes, especially because it's Jack's favorite chore. (Who knew taking wet clothes out of the washer could be such a rockin' good time?!) And the thought of taking two kids out of the house has me so intimidated that we aren't not going out much these days. (How do I get them both into the garage? How do I get them out of the car? Do I leave Molly in the car seat? Should I buy a double stroller? ACK!) We'll take a leisurely stroll to the mail box or head across the street to our elderly neighbor's house. But even then, what do you know? It's already time for dinner!

I suppose it's sort of pathetic when the highlight of your day is giving the baby a bath while your toddler sits on the kitchen counter and hands you the washcloth and shampoo and towel like an operating room nurse, but I'm rather enjoying it. I don't have the energy yet for all the errands and outings we did before Molly was born. It's only been three weeks – we're still working through frozen dinners and sending out birth announcements. I'll take these fast-moving do-nothing days with my kiddos, because sooner than I expect, I'm going to have TWO toddlers and I will never sit down again.


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