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Happy Mother's Day to Me!

A week ago, while giving the boys their bath, Husband and I had the following exchange:

Me: So, in honor of Mother's Day, a suggestion was made that we moms get the week off and the dads write our posts.

Husband: blink

Me: So I take it by your reply, or lack thereof, that you don't want me to get a week off?

Husband: What would I write about?

Me: Write about what a wonderful, dedicated, loving, and nurturing mother and wife I am.

Husband: blink

Me: cold stare

Husband: Can I write about how you've become an über baby-wearing, militant breastfeeding, baby-gadget-obsessed mother and wife?

Me: blink

Husband: I don't really do the blog thing. You know what I do.

Me: That's okay. I figured that would be your answer so I've been making a mental transcript of this exchange and that will be my Mother's Day post.

Husband: blink

Husband: How many words does the post have to be?