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Help me survive a week of hotel room bedtimes!

All right people, it's not often that I come right out and solicit advice from the internet. I've found that the internet does JUST FINE without a solicitation! But this time I am getting a leeetle nervous and it turns out I'd like as many thoughts, ideas and opinions as possible. The question is: how do two adults and two small children fall asleep in one hotel room? HMM?

As I'm sure you remember, Jack and Molly sharing a room was a RESOUNDING failure. I mean, we failed that experiment in every single way possible. Naps! Bedtime! Middle of the night wakeups! Ungodly morning hours! It was miserable, all right? Sure, I thought it was going to be sweet and super cute to have my darling angels bonding in one room but let's just say that moving to a house with three bedrooms was the best idea we've ever had. EVER.

So you see why I'm a smidge nervous about the HOTEL situation.

It shouldn't be THAT bad. Our hotel room is actually a one-bedroom suite with a kitchenette. Jack will be sleeping on the sofa bed and we've requested a crib for Molly. AND! My in-laws are tagging along (THANK GOD) and have their own suite. So we have OPTIONS. But all the different scenarios are sort of overwhelming me at this point. FOR EXAMPLE:

1. Jack has become rather annoyingly anti-nap. What will this mean?! I'm guessing we'll put Molly down in the bedroom and do we even TRY to get Jack to sleep? If we do try, where will we go? Because we can't be in the same room! Maybe we won't try, but there's a three-hour time difference and we'll be out in the sun and walking around and I'm sure this kid will need a nap at SOME point.

2. How do we put them to bed? Do we keep them up until they crash? Do we even attempt a bedtime routine on vacation?

3. WHERE do we put them to bed? If we put Molly down in the bedroom and Jack in the "living room", again, where do WE go? Do we try putting them to bed in the same room and moving one of them when it's time for the grown ups to go to bed? Should I kick my in-laws out of THEIR room?

When we went to Disneyland last year our suite (I believe in suites!) was more like two separate hotel rooms. They went to bed at the same time in the same room and this MOSTLY worked out, but we had a whole room to ourselves and they were still sharing a room at home so they were used to it. Now? Not so much!

Easier going people than myself would not be sweating this, but that's no fun for a blog post. I AM SWEATING. I know it will be okay. I know whatever happens, we'll survive. But if you've been in this situation, if you've done it before, it'd be REALLY helpful to have a few tips or tricks. A game plan! A strategy! And if that strategy is something like, "Put kids to bed in hotel room, head to hotel bar until closing" I AM IN!

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