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How Much Is Three Weeks' Worth of Diapers?

Phillip and I have started talking about vacation. As in, we are tired of using vacation days for births of new babies and would really like to, you know, GO ON VACATION. Since we have two children still in diapers, no trust fund, and a family member who requires a bottle of vodka and prescription medication to sit still in an airplane (that would be me) we're thinking about a grand American tradition: the road trip. Specifically, a road trip from here (Seattle) to my brother's house (Colorado Springs) and because we thought, "why not," maybe meeting up with Phillip's brother's family at their timeshare (Las Vegas.) We'd like to go September-ish, when Jack will be about two and a half, and Molly will have just turned one.

So, what I need from you is to rate this idea on the scale of Are You Crazy. Will it be awesome? Or will it be so very NOT awesome?

I am told my family drove to Disneyland when I was about Jack's age and my brother was about Molly's age. My parents say this was super fun. A few years later, our much-expanded-by-then family drove all the way to Texas and back up through California. My memories of this are vague, except for the parts where we drove through days and days of desert and I wondered if, when we ran out of gas, anyone would find our bodies.

Phillip's memories of family road trips are all about lounging seatbelt-less in the back seat, reading books, drinking soda, and completely ignoring the scenery. Isn't it a rite of passage, the road trip? To be stuck in the car for days on end with a pair of too-enthusiastic parents and siblings infringing on your space?

Of course, Jack and Molly are too young to keep any memories of our potential road trip, but they're not too young to drive their parents nuts in the car. Phillip has a lot of vacation saved up so we intend to take our time, stopping every few hours for snacks and running around and inspecting the odd Ball of Twine or Giant Cow Statue along the way. But 45 minutes is about as far as I've driven with my kids; it's the time it takes to get to grandma's house. I try to go during morning nap time so Molly will sleep in the car. We have a large collection of terrifically annoying kiddie songs. I may even be convinced to purchase a portable DVD player to duct tape to the back of the driver's seat.

I can't help thinking that this is going to be a blast. That we can TOTALLY drive all the way to Colorado to see Jack and Molly's cousins, and that we can TOTALLY tack another week onto the trip and see the other cousins poolside in Vegas. WE CAN DO IT. But I tend to be the "We can do it!" person in our family and Phillip, realizing he doesn't want to deal with his terrified-of-flying wife AND two kids on an airplane, is going along with my plan. It's still just a hypothetical at this point, but we're negotiating timeshare days with his brother and contacting other friends we want to see on the way. I'd love to know if you went on a road trip when your kids were still small. Did you survive to tell the tale?

And if you think THIS is being silly and ridiculous, wait till I tell you about how I'm in a wedding next year in Hawaii and how I AM ALREADY FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE TRAVELING.


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