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I Was Grounded

This weekend I was grounded. By a seven year old. It is amazing, the power your children can have to ground you. It is swift. It hits you in the gut. And you remember your lesson well.

Oh, I don’t mean “grounding” as in “stay in the naughty chair and be quiet.” (Though that would be blissful!) No, my children have an altogether different way of grounding me.

My Friday morning last week was frantic as I raced to get my errands and meetings taken care of before I had to get my two sick kids to the doctor. There is no way I was letting a weekend of fevers and sore throats go by without getting them checked out. Which meant my already insane schedule was about to get more frantic. As I raced from one thing to another to finish things at home, my daughter grabbed my hand as I passed the couch and forced me to stop.

“Mommy? Did you hear me? I want to show you the picture I drew. See? It is you and me and the sunshine and the flowers and the birds. Do you like it? It is my favorite place. I had to draw it for art.”

I stared at the picture. In her drawing, I was larger than life and nearly as tall as the trees. We were holding hands. Both of us had huge smiles on our faces.

“That’s a beautiful picture, sweetie.”

“You were going so fast I almost couldn’t catch you to see it. Then you would have missed it because you were too busy.” She said it so matter-of-factly. No condemnation. No accusation. Just a fact.

She was right.

I tend to get going so fast, trying to take care of all that seems important, I sometimes forget to slow down in order to not miss what is truly important: Being the Mom she drew in that picture. Larger than life with a huge smile on my face. I always want to be that Mom.

I am not sure where I was racing off to at that moment when she stopped me, but I know that I stopped everything to sit beside my sick daughter and just be with her.

Just sit there. Grounded. With my little girl.


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