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It's a Family Affair

weekend1 The weekends are my favorite time of the week. No, it's not because I have a light schedule or get to sleep in. I love the weekend because of all the activities and errands we do as a whole family.

It starts on Friday night: Family Movie Night and Kids' Choice for dinner. Every one of the kids takes a turn picking the meal and picking at least one of the movies. After the meal, which rotates between tacos/pizza/Chinese/nuggets, we cram ourselves on the two couches in the living room and watch at least two movies until around midnight.

My husband and I watch for the first signs of the little ones dozing off. Our baby Niara can fall asleep anywhere, in any position. She crawls on someone's lap, usually our oldest daughter, and falls asleep. I love looking around the room at my entire family. I often close my eyes after, so that I can seal this moment in my memory.

Our oldest daughter is getting to that age where she wants to hang out with her friends more often. We can tell our baby boy isn't much of baby anymore — since he pulled a chair up to the microwave, climbed up, and tried to microwave his own bag of popcorn for movie night last week. Our family moments are definitely changing!

* * *

Weekends are also when our family fulfills homeschooling physical education credits. Our school-aged sons play sports all year around at the YMCA. Our oldest daughter is now in a great dance program at a local university, but she also played sports at the Y before dance.

This season, the boys played basketball and DH was a volunteer coach. I don't know too many people who love basketball the way my husband does. I was nervous initially when he decided to coach because I have seen the overzealous parents living vicariously through the children. (You know who you are... You get to the gym two hours early so your child can run drills and practice their free throws and their long jumps. You buy the latest designer gear for your kids all the way down to the Micheal Jordan socks and gym bag. Yep, I have seen you.)


Luckily, DH is not like that. All season he encourages the players and even when they make no points (which is most of the games), he always comments positively on their growth and their energy.

This weekend, we had the awards ceremony and all of the players received their certificates and their medals. DH was so proud. As we left the celebration, he talked about how he's going to miss the players and I thought, they're going to miss a great coach like you too.

* * *


On weekends, DH is known to take the kids on a two- to three-mile-walk around a reservoir near our home. For the first time this spring, the weather was nice for three days in a row, so it was time for one of these famous walks:

"Come on, everybody, we're going out," he says. DH likes to keep a little mystery about the trip.

"Where are we going daddy?" Kiserian sounds suspicious.

"Uh-oh. We're going for one of those long walks. Ahhh!" Niara shrieks, and falls to the floor.

My oldest daughter can't find a clean shirt or at least that's what she tells her dad, and then my oldest son uses her staying at home as leverage for an out — because he would much rather finish his latest fantasy novel than walk.

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well, so I also stayed home, in my pajamas. Which meant that only half the family, DH, Niara, Kiserian, and BBB (bighead bigcheeked baby) went off on the first Reservoir Pilgrimage of 2007.

The best part about an RP, is hearing the stories about the journey upon their return — from the bird that almost pooped on someone's head, to the explanation of why Niara has sand in her hair.

They say that laughter is good for the soul... On the weekends, my soul gets enough goodness to last me for weeks!


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