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It's Me!

Allow me to introduce myself.  As my bio says, I am one of those annoying, fanatical women who constantly thinks (and is always ready to talk) about her boys, Lucas (3/28/04) and Justin (4/3/06). I am proud to be ranting about the frustrations of nursing, childrearing struggles and adjusting to life as a working mom.  And I have found quickly over the past 27 months, that discussing kids can bridge almost any divide, even race, religion, economics and locale.  That being said, discussing kids can also create a cataclysmic crater between two people, if, for example, they don't subscribe to the same parenting philosophies.

My mom lives with hubby and me, and we do not see eye to eye on a number of parenting issues.  And while my mom, who will hereafter be referred to as Nonna, is wonderful with my boys, our differences in parenting opinions can sometimes cause tension among us.  For example, she does not agree with our ideas of demand parenting, co-sleeping past 1 month, no (or limited) crying policy and enrolling infants in "educational" classes.  And we don't agree with her laissez faire attitude when Lucas gets upset, telling Lucas not to cry, crying it out or how she threatens the naughty corner without explaining why.

Then there are those parenting issues which Nonna now sees the merits of, like teaching Lucas sign language and breastfeeding.  And there are those issues with which hubby and I realize Nonna wasn't so far off base, like don't get into the habit of lying down with Lucas at nap and bedtimes, and follow through when you threaten to leave a place or take away a toy.

So, I thought I'd use this, my first post, to set the stage so you aren't surprised by some of my future posts! I realize that parenting is one of the most individual and personal undertakings someone can do, and it is never my position to judge another parent's choices, but here are some of my personal parenting do's and don'ts:

  • I practice a lenient version of attachment parenting, i.e. breastfeeding for as long as mom and baby want, "wearing" baby and spending as much body-to-body time with baby as possible.
  • I also believe in what I call demand parenting – trying to meet all of baby's needs as best I can, as quickly as I can.
  • I don't believe in letting babies cry, especially when trying to fall asleep.
  • I think it is never too early to begin teaching your children manners, respect and compassion.
  • I am a breastfeeding snob. I think all women have an obligation to give breastfeeding a shot, barring any medical/health issues.
  • I don't believe that children should watch any TV or videos, even educational, for their first 12 months.

So there it is. Some of you readers might be saying a silent "Amen" while others of you might be rolling your eyes to the high heavens.  But please remember, regardless of what our individual parenting styles, each of us hopefully has the same goal at the end of the day:  to raise happy, healthy, secure and passionate children.