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Jack-Again and the Littlest Theologian

We've been fishless for months since my last attempt at explaining death to Laylee. For some reason, last week I decided we were ready to try it again. Please meet the newest member of our family:


Me: What should we call the fish?

Laylee: He's Jack again.

Me: Jack-Again? That's a funny name.

Laylee: Yeah. I called him that because he's Jack... Again.

You see, Laylee is a strong believer in resurrection... resurrection and cloning... by a God who drives a car, sneaks around in the dark like the tooth-fairy, and can be enticed to do your bidding if you simply use "the magic word."

Laylee: Look mama. My knee is getting better.

Me: Wow. What a great blessing.

Laylee: Last night Heavenly Father came down in his car — well he came down out of heaven into my room and he put new skin onto it. But I didn't see him because I was sleeping.

Me: Sort of. He just made your body special so it could heal itself.

Laylee: When you go away to Calin-forna , he can come down and make me a new mommy and then when you get back I'll have two Kathryns. And he can make another Daddy and another Magoo.

Me: He doesn't actually really do that. Not that he can't. He can do anything. He just doesn’t.

Laylee (having seen her first set of twins recently): But that girl had two little babies! I want us to have two Magoos too.

Me: Well, that won't happen but I bet some time Mommy can grow a new baby in her tummy.

Laylee: Okay, but I want a girl baby.

Me: We'll have to see.

Laylee: We can just drive up to heaven and say, "Excuse me, Heavenly Father. Can we have a girl baby please?"

Me: Then we'll just have to see what he decides.

Laylee: But we can say "PLEASE..."