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The Journey

Last month I posted our list of things that we were going to do this summer, 101 Things to be exact. Some we have added since the list published.

It had been my son's idea to come up with a list of things that we could check off. To make sure we didn't forget anything, he said. Good idea, I said, as a mother who is long on ideas but short on the follow through.


9. Dance outside after dark holding sparklers in each hand:



23. Plant some new flowers:



24. Swing high on a swing:



26. Plant a small garden:


Hmmmm, we have a lot still left to do. Summer doesn't last long in these parts. I am failing miserably. Might have to multi-task and build a sand castle at the beach while eating a picnic lunch and gazing up at the clouds to find shapes. Then have a quick game of hopscotch on the parking lot before finding a nice grassy hill to roll down before eating our ice cream sundaes for dinner. Though sadly, that was not really the intention of The List.

It was supposed to be about enjoying the journey, not just rushing through so that we could check items off like another chore on my list. I want to enjoy the journey. I want to appreciate what is around me before it flies by. I can't do that if I am always looking toward the future at the next item to conquer on the list. I want to be present in the here and now and not looking back trying to conjure memories from the dark recesses of my mind.

I don't want to be the mother who yells, "Brush your teeth. Wash your hands with soap. And roll down the grassy hill already, dammit, we have a schedule of fun to keep!"

And I certainly did not become a parent so that it would hurry up and be over. The days may seem long, but the years are short. Before you know it that toddler with chubby legs who babbles constantly about Thomas the Tank Engine will be towering over you and communicating mostly in grunts. I am there and not quite sure when it happened. Those days that felt so long are just a blur.


This will be my last post over here at Parenting. It has been a fun. But I realize I have arrived at my destination and it is time to get off. Also, I need to stop with the really bad metaphors.

Someone else will be coming aboard. I hope that you will make them feel as welcome as I have felt.

You can still find me at my personal blog, Notes from the Trenches, or the million other places I write around the internet.

Enjoy the journey, friends. That is really what this parenting gig is all about. It is flying by so fast here I have whiplash.


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