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Just a Spray Full of Butter Product

I dream of raising daring young omnivores.  In my ideal world, the children in my home would not discriminate against certain foods based on their color, food group or general resemblance to NotCandy.

In this utopia, I would no longer need to spray faux-butter on carrots or salmon to make them palatable to my young peanuvore daughter who would prefer to only eat peanuts or products made from peanuts....


In this world, no one would declare their disgust for a certain food one day and then bawl their brains out because I didn’t have it available the next.

One day, I hope to live in a home where eating a variety of foods does not mean switching the one food we like every few weeks.

I've heard this behavior is common in children but it's driving me bonkers. Maybe I should consider raising teenagers instead. I'm sure they're much easier to reason with.