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Strong Enough To Push Yourselves

Kathryn Thompson

Dear Laylee and Magoo,

I love you the most.  I really do.  No matter how much smarter than me your teacher seems, no matter how much more sugar your friend’s mom lets you eat, I still love you the most… by a longshot. 

Every year when you start school I feel a little sad and a lot excited.  I’m sad to send you off to spend most of your day with someone else but excited for all the things you’ll learn, both academically and socially.  You’ll learn from your teacher, from the other kids in your class and from yourselves as you figure out who you are away from Mom. 

I am thrilled with each new piece of knowledge and each new experience you bring home with you.  Most of these skills began at home, reading, writing, creating art with tin foil, and then blossomed into something amazing with the guidance of skilled teachers.  You try your best every day because you love your teachers and you love to learn.  I’m proud of you.

But it’s not enough for me to simply send you off to school, sign your folder at night and assume that you will be getting everything you need from your education.  I promise not to let that be enough.  I will keep in close contact with your teachers, discussing your needs and growing academic skills.  I will support them and support you.

This year I will work to be better organized.  Imagine a world with no lost forms or worksheets!  If you could imagine a little harder, you’d notice that in that world, you’re more organized too because we all have to be on the ball for this to work.

We will read together each day and I will help you with your homework and push you harder than you think you can go.  Some days we won’t get along all that great and you’ll want me to back off a little.  This is the price we pay so that someday you’ll be strong enough to push yourselves.  I will help you learn that hard work pays off and that an education is your golden ticket in this life.

I’ll keep doing that PTA stuff that you don’t care about.  I’ll send emails to other parents and help with fundraisers.  Sometimes I’ll call or write to political representatives in Washington, D.C. and Olympia because I’ll stay informed enough to know how their decisions are effecting your education.

You won’t know about a lot of that but you will know that I love you and that I love to learn.  I will squeeze you both when I’m in your classrooms.  Hard.



P.S.  Wanda can’t read yet but please tell her I’m coming for her too.  We have 3 more years together before she starts kindergarten and she’ll get all kinds of sick of me, but I’m not going anywhere.  Mwahaha!

This post is part of the Mom Congress Back-to-School Blog-a-thon. Please join us as we write open letters to our kids about what we will do this year to help them succeed in school!