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Things This Mom is Thankful For

Kathryn Thompson

Lately I’ve been feeling really grateful.  Everywhere I turn, there’s something to make me realize how lucky I am to be a mom, to be a wife and to live in a beautiful little town in a gorgeous free country.  I’m blessed.  Here are a few things I’m thankful for this year.

  1. The hand-me-downs that haven’t developed mysterious stains or lesions while in storage between kids
  2. That one time they flushed the toilet
  3. Gold fish crackers
  4. The person who turned in Magoo’s brand new winter coat to the lost and found
  5. Silent contests
  6. Babysitters who have their driver’s licenses
  7. Any babysitters
  8. Dr. Seuss and his magical words of rhymalicious joy and wisdom
  9. Three children which means I have three chances to get this right
  10. Footie jammas
  11. Any jammas because jammas mean bedtime
  12. Disinfectant wipes
  13. Dishes stored in low cupboards so low people can set the table and empty the dishwasher
  14. School buses
  15. Teachers who love my kids
  16. A husband who reads children’s novels so he and Laylee will have something fun to talk about
  17. Text messaging so that two second conversations can be kept to two seconds
  18. Friday family movie nights
  19. Bunk beds
  20. Low-fluoride toothpaste that won’t kill you if it’s swallowed… or eaten… nightly
  21. Child-proof door knobs
  22. A bedroom door that locks
  23. Green drinks
  24. Swagger wagons
  25. Six and eight-year-old kids who argue over whether Dubliner sharp cheddar or Brie has a better flavor
  26. Costco
  27. Baby wipes, which will forever be a part of my life, long after I have a baby left to wipe
  28. Days when it doesn’t rain in Seattle
  29. Splashable puddles when it does rain
  30. Christmas traditions
  31. A secret stash of chocolate that’s too good for kids
  32. Knock-knock jokes the 76th time around
  33. Painted handprints
  34. Elementary school journal entries
  35. Kisses that leave a sticky film on my face
  36. The way Wanda pronounces hot dog – HOT GOD!
  37. Actual God
  38. Homemade bread that’s lighter than a brick
  39. New running shoes
  40. A warm house with strange flooring, eighties cabinets and mountains of love

What are you thankful for this year?

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