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Kicking the Baby Out

While there's a lot of talk out there in Internetland about sleeping arrangements (should the baby sleep in his own room? In his own crib? In a bassinet? In your bed? In a drawer? In the garage?), the parent who doesn't exactly have a choice is free to ignore this touchy subject with a flick of her mouse.

Don't have room for another crib? Don't have another room? That's the position I found myself in when I had my second baby, which is why Molly sleeps in a shoebox on the bathroom floor. (I KID, people. Jeez. Molly actually sleeps in a mini-crib made of renewable, sustainable wood on an organic mattress with a breathable bumper underneath a mobile that sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in fourteen languages.)

So when I found out we were pregnant again, I assumed the baby would not be born with the funds to build an extra bedroom, and that we needed to work with what we had. The plan was for Molly to sleep in a mini-crib in our bedroom until she was reliably sleeping through the night, then we'd sneak her into Jack's room and reclaim our space. We didn't exactly like the idea of having the baby in our room for who knows how long, but we were loathe to put a newborn in Jack's room at night. Given the choice between stumbling out of bed at 3 a.m. to deal with two screaming babies or one, which would you pick? Exactly!

We figured it would take six, seven, eight months? Maybe more? And because we were so resigned to the idea, I think we got used to it. We have no problem sleeping through her little grunts and groans, and half the time she ends up sleeping right next to me. (Not because I'm a big fan of co-sleeping. Really, I'm a big fan of Lazy. I finally figured out how to breastfeed while half asleep in bed, and if Molly's already there I don't even have to get up. How awesome is that?!)

But it turns out we were issued a good sleeper. Like, AMAZINGLY good. And I'm wondering if now isn't the time to kick her into the Kid Room where she belongs. Uh, I mean, "gently transition her to a new, inviting, and peaceful space."

I'm not sold on any set way of sleeping, except the way that works. So far, our arrangement is working great, but I'm ready for a little space. I'm ready for nights curled up in bed with a book or a TV show or (gasp!) my husband, without worrying about waking or disturbing the baby. But I don't know if I'm willing to trade sleep for privacy.

Have you guys done this before? What happens when the baby moves into the toddler's room? I can't decide if this is as good a time as any, or if I'm totally kidding myself and dooming Phillip and I to middle-of-the-night wakings all over again. Who cares about taking advantage of privacy when you can barely keep your eyes open, right?


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