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Laylee’s Mite

Every Sunday on the way home from church we ask the kids what they learned in their classes. Usually Magoo says, "Nothing" or "Birds and animals" or "God gave me a belly button." Laylee tends to retain the deeper doctrine and a few weeks ago she shared with us the story of the widow's mite from the New Testament.

She said it was a story of how lots of people were giving a bunch of money into the treasury at the temple but one lady who was poor came and gave only 2 mites. Jesus said her gift was the greatest of all.

"That's a great story, Laylee. Why would Jesus say that her gift was the greatest gift of all?"

She replied, "Maybe Jesus just decided he didn't want people to give as much money to the treasury anymore so he was happy that she understood what he wanted and only gave a little bit."

Umm…not quite. I explained to her what she'd apparently slept through in her lesson, that Jesus valued the widow's mite above all the other donations because she gave all she had, rather than a small part of great wealth. "Hmmmm…okay."

I wasn't sure she really got it. I'm still not sure.

But on Valentine's Day morning, I was awakened with a handmade card from Laylee. In her kid-spelling she wrote how much she loved me and taped to the card were three quarters. She had made similar cards for Dan and Magoo with similar amounts of money taped to them.

Money is a big deal to Laylee right now. She doesn't get much but what she does get, she hordes and counts like Scrooge. She counts down the days until her next allowance when we give her a couple of dollars in change to add to her collection. To see her turn around and give what she had so freely to the rest of the family just melted my heart to puddles.

I forgot all the snarking she'd done at me this week and the number of times I'd had to ask her to pick up her dirty socks off the floor. All I could see was her little mite taped to a 3x5 card, everything she had, given to the people she loved. Now that's a Valentine's to remember.

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