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At Least He's a Manly Princess

My little dude wants nothing more than to be a princess when he grows up. He loves to dance. He begs for dresses and necklaces and "brace-whips". He runs around in high heels yelling, "I a princess. Me. Mine. I a princess!"

One night when Dan was working late, I sent him a pix message of Magoo with a puffy purple bow on his head. The caption read, "If you ever want to see your man child again, call me." Within 30 seconds I had him on the phone. Dan does not find this nearly as funny as I do. For some reason he doesn't want his son to be a career drag queen when he grows up. I'm not really worried. Somehow Magoo manages to maintain his rugged manhood, despite his penchant for cross-dressing.

When Magoo dances around at the ball, he makes laser gun noises and does ninja jumps off the furniture, terrifying the other princesses. When he's playing with dolls, he can be very tender but also knows how to give those babies a head-snapping, rocking good time. His fairy wand doubles as a protective sword and he holds out the hem of his gown to make him look more large and imposing when he morphs into a T-Rex princess and growls at all the townspeople.

His big sister, whom he loves, lives in a constant state of princess and he wants to be just like her, despite his boyish tendencies. I'm okay with it. Personally I think the world needs more sweet tender men with the ability to accessorize.


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