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Long Live the Nap!

At 30-plus years old, I still need a nap. Do I get to take one? Not with a full-time job, household chores, two kids and a husband to take care of! And because I still long for a nap more days than not, I assumed it would be years before Lucas would outgrow his.

Why then does Lucas put up such a stink about lying down for a nap? I know he's tired because I know his tell, two fingers up to his lips. Yet when I ask if he would like to get into bed, he protests, "I'm not tired. I'm just resting."

Lucas should not be ready to outgrow his nap for another 13 months. When I do get him into his bed, some days a much easier task than others, protest usually melts into relief as he curls up on his pillow, fingers to his lips. Interestingly, husband and I only encounter such obstinate behavior at naptime and never at bedtime.

Did I mention that not only is a nap still developmentally appropriate for Lucas, but also that I still need him to take one?

There are days when I have seemingly a million small errands to run. Without Lucas, I could get the errands done in a couple of hours, but with Lucas, it would take me a couple of days.

And then there are the days when I would like to spend some time alone with Justin, because as Damomma so eloquently put it, it would be nice for Justin to have a chance "to be my only," even if only for an hour.

Of course there are also days when I would like to take a nap myself. Fortunately, it's these sorts of days that are the easiest to get Lucas to bed. Lucas curls up on his pillow, and I nestle in next to him, head-to-head, his fingers to his lips and my arm wrapped tight around his chest. Together we make up fantastical stories about Lucas flying to the moon or being stuck in the middle of a hamburger, until we can't keep our eyes open any more.

These lazy afternoons are especially wonderful when Justin joins us. With the three of us lying together in sleepy bliss, I remember why I wanted to be a Mom.