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Proud Supporter of Third Babies

(I know we're barely three weeks into Having Three Kids and I also know that when you're positive about parenting on the Internet you're only jinxing yourself, but I'm gonna say it anyway: three kids? CAKE. 

Oooh, the Steadfast Never Fails Law of the Internet is TOTALLY going to bite me back on this one, isn't it. Look forward to next week's post: CHILDREN FOR SALE: GROUP RATE!)

But seriously. So far so good. The majority of Moms of Three would tell me that the third baby was easy. Mellow and content to go with the flow. They would tell me this while I panicked about how to get everyone out of the house on time for preschool or freaked out about feeding a newborn while the older two clamored for lunch. I could picture so many moments where I'd need to screech, "I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS!"

Even though I HAVE screeched that sentiment over the last couple weeks, more than a few times even, I still feel like Baby Number Three has been the easiest transition. Baby Number One, well, your entire world is upside down for that one. Baby Number Two, you have to figure out different schedules, different needs, and learning the new normal where you are entirely focused on not one little person, but more than one. 

So if and when Baby Number Three comes along? Been there, done that. The third one squeezes in next to the other two, maybe throws a few elbows, and then goes straight to sleep because those moms were not wrong. Baby Number Three is CHILL. (You reading this, Erin?!) 

It IS work. Like a mom of three said to me this morning at preschool drop off, life isn't necessarily harder, just busy. The older kids now have little inklings of lives - somewhere to go in the mornings, friends, opinions, ideas and information they're getting from places other than you. Third Baby just has to deal with being shuffled around and getting in and out of the car a million times. And maybe they don't get to eat right when they'd like to, or have their diaper changed the minute everyone in the neighboring states can hear the diaper being filled. (Sorry Emma!)  So yeah, life is crazy busy right now and no one would say that it's EASY. 

And yet, there's something else about it that's definitely not hard. I've done the newborn thing. I've done the breastfeeding thing. I've managed an older kid while I tended to a baby. I've figured out how to take an entourage to Target. The basics, right? It's new with three, but also so familiar. 

FOR NOW. Like everything else I post online, I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment! I am getting less sleep than ever before, I subsist entirely on the baked goods people keep bringing to our house, I go without showering, I've worn pajama pants in public, my arms are already buff from the car seat maneuvering, my house is a sty, and I'm still not QUITE recovered from that crazy birth, but! I am a proud supporter of Third Babies, everyone. I already wonder how we got along in the world without her.