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We Found Out, And It's A...

GIRL. Girl! We would have been thrilled with a boy, of course, but here I am thinking about all the adorable little girl clothes I can use AGAIN. And the shoes! And the baby clippies! And girly bedroom decor! Shallow? Sure! Worth getting excited about anyway? Definitely.

I mentioned here that we weren't sure we were going to find out, and I was still waffling on this point up until a few days ago. See, we hadn't mentioned Third Baby much to the other kids, just because we've been busy. Okay okay, the REAL reason is that the last time I talked about Third Baby with the kids they wanted to know how the baby comes OUT of your tummy and I just wasn't up for that discussion. So perhaps I backed off. But just recently I started asking them what KIND of baby they wanted, and these are the responses I got:

Molly: "I wanna SISTER baby."

Jack: "No, a BOY baby."

Molly: "I get a GIRL baby, Jackson gets a BOY baby."

And that seemed to settle it between them. They would each get their own preferred baby, end of story. It occurred to me that I ought to manage expectations a little better than I have, and finding out the gender seemed a good way to handle it. If I could tell them what kind of baby we were having, I could tell them a name, I could talk up a little brother or sister, just generally prepare them. Right?

(And FINE, OKAY, maybe I knew there was no way I could sit through that ultrasound and NOT ASK.)

I showed up for the appointment today and found myself in the hands of the Best Ultrasound Tech Ever, No Seriously, He Rocked. You know how other ultrasound techs are very closemouthed and don't want to give you any information at all? Nothing good, nothing bad, and then it takes them forever and a day to find out what brand of baby you're getting? Well this guy was SUPER informative, telling us not only what we were looking at but what the numbers and measurements all meant. Not that I was very interested - I HATE looking at the insides-of-my-baby, ugh - but Phillip was there and he was super interested.

And the girl parts were super obvious. Like, even I could tell they were girl parts.

(Or maybe I should say, even I could tell there were no BOY parts. That's probably more accurate.)

We came home, excited to tell the kids they were getting a little sister. Their responses?

Molly: Can I have more milk?

Jack: Can I watch a show?

So! Glad we cleared all that up! I'm off to hit up every hairbow shop on Etsy.