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2011 Better Deliver

I'm not much for resolutions. As soon as I make them I tend to break them and what's the point? And why wait for the new year? I mean, I get it, especially with these extra Christmas cookie pounds hanging out around my middle, but eh. When the new year rolls around I like to think of what I'm excited for, the things I hope will just HAPPEN in the new year, not necessarily the things I plan to DO. What can I say? I'm incredibly lazy. 

So forget the resolutions and to-do lists the blogosphere likes to bust out this week. Here's my list of Awesome, Cross-My-Fingers, 2011 You Better Deliver, List Of Things To Look Forward To.

1. People are going to start listing their houses for sale again. For an obsessive Redfin refresher like myself, this holiday time of year has been KILLER. So yeah, it's not like I can BUY one of those houses right now but I like to LOOK. And note that this didn't say 'Buy A Perfect House'. Because we want a big-enough, affordable house in the city, within walking distance of parks and stores and libraries and down the street from a great school with a quick commute for Phillip and I think that will run us about fourteen kafrillion dollars. The perfect house might not be out there this year and I'm prepared to wait. In the meantime, I get to obsessively refresh Redfin! 

2. The end of grad school is nigh. Even though my husband decided to lighten his load for winter quarter and take an elective in the summer, thereby pushing back his true end date, I'll say it again: THE END IS NIGH. I can hardly imagine what it will be like. The challenge will be learning not to fill all his newly acquired free time with work work instead of school work. Perhaps this is a resolution. Shut up. 

3. Putting Molly in preschool. WAHOO! I'm pretty sure the girl would go NOW if I sent her, but come on, she's only two and we are having quite a lot of cookie fun. But come fall I'll have another three-year-old and what if I sent them both to preschool, three days a week, at the same time? MIND: BLOWN! We have to figure out how to afford that, and then there's also the complicated issue of Molly being born on the school district cut off date, which means she can't go to kindergarten until she's pretty much six years old, which means: do I want her in three years of preschool? But let's not think about that. Let's think about two and a half hours to myself, three days a week. WHATEVER WILL I DO?!

4. Oh, hmm, maybe I will be a smidge busy. Because while we're not pregnant (REPEAT: NOT PREGNANT) we're kind of, sort of, ambivalently-ish, maybe a little bit hoping that sometime in 2011 we'll get to say that we are