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Me vs. Business Trips

This coming Sunday afternoon, my husband will take a taxi to the airport and disappear to the other side of the country for a business trip until Friday night. I can't exactly say we're looking forward to it, but hey, we've done it before, it's not the end of the world. 

Then the next week he'll take a three-day trip. 

The week after that he'll take another three-day trip. 

The week after THAT we will [hopefully] move into our new house. Did I mention that? The part where we're closing on a new house? And I have to pack, like, EVERYTHING?

And a week or so after THAT he'll be gone another week, this time in another city I can't even remember. And truthfully, all of this just makes me want to get in my bed and wake up in, say, September. September is a very nice month in Seattle! 

I want to say I have perspective. I am not, after all, a full time single parent. How do they do it? Also we are not a military family and my husband is not deployed. How do THEY do it? We aren't even really a family where Dad's Job involves a lot of traveling. It just happens to involve a lot of traveling right now. It's entirely possible that these are his last trips for a long while. 

Oh! And! He HAS a job! So be quiet, Girl Who Has Nothing To Complain About!

We've been talking about what I lightly call The Travel Issue since before we even had kids. Having a rather lethargic and lazy work ethic compared to my husband's growing career ambition, I've been fearful of too much travel since day one. But what is too much travel? And how can I complain about it when he's doing so well at work and making it possible for us to buy our new house? He doesn't enjoy being away from us either, but I know he wants to be present at these meetings, give his opinions and make an impression in person. I'm proud of him and support him in every way. I just... well, come on. That's a LOT of travel!

Last week Phillip had some work dinners with people who traveled to his office, people who really do travel all the time. One of them even moved his family to the middle of the country, to have more opportunities to see them in the middle of all his trips. My jaw just hung open when Phillip told me this. We are NOT going to be like that. 

But we have to, at least for a while. All I'd really have to do is pitch a few fits, wail, rend my garments, sob, whatever, and Phillip would be online looking for a new job, stat. I know he puts us first, but I'm serious when I say I support him and maybe there's a compromise in here somewhere. Maybe this really is an unusual period of time, not just the beginning of What Life Will Be Like. And seriously, the last thing our family needs is Phillip looking for a new job. We have ENOUGH going on. 

We've talked it through, we're both in a peaceful place about it, and I have my game face on. He's been on enough week-long trips for me to know that anticipating the trip is always worse than the actual trip itself. We'll be fine, even though I'm still not quite sure what to say when Molly wants Daddy to hold her in the middle of the night.