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Sharing A Room: A Much Delayed Update

Last year at this time we had just sold our house, moved into a rental and breathed a sigh of relief that we wouldn't have to do THAT again. Not while Phillip was in school and working full time. We'd wait to buy our next house until we graduated, and in the meantime we had all the time in the world to look and investigate and be extra super duper picky. 

Until this past weekend. We got home from vacation on Saturday. On Sunday we moved the kids into the same room (more on that later) because hey! We'll be in this house quite a while still, and Phillip was dying for office space. And as soon as we finished setting up the bunk beds and moving Phillip's desk from the living room to the new office, the landlord called. He's selling our house. ASAP. Oops! 

So now we are still in school, working full time, with two kids and (bonus!) pregnant AND WE'RE GOING THROUGH THIS AGAIN. With the whole time bomb element thrown in for kicks. As you can imagine, we are having a SUPER GOOD TIME. 

The blessing in all of this? The kids are ROCKING sharing a room. For real. Longtime readers may remember post upon angst-filled post about a certain toddler and a certain baby who could not would not share a room. It was, at the time, the most miserable experience of my entire life. I was either raging at the kids or raging at myself for not knowing how to make it work. OTHER people made it work. The whole internet seemed to be made up of mothers whose two small children just LOVED sharing rooms! Something was obviously very very wrong with me (or my kids, depending on the day). In fact, this was, in large part, the reason why we moved in the first place!

After months and months of reflection, and I am not even exaggerating, I feel like I can now say that it wasn't MY fault. And it wasn't the kids' fault either (I don't think). I think if they'd both been babies, it would have been fine. And I think if they'd both been toddlers/preschoolers, like they are now, it would have been fine. But as it was, their schedules weren't as coordinated as I thought, and it didn't make sense for me to expect that they'd just turn over and fall asleep as soon as the lights were out. I will never forget the night I went into that room at least ten times before giving up, bawling in the stairwell, and moving one kid into my room until they both fell asleep. 

But now? NOW IT IS GLORIOUS. They giggle and talk, but (and this is key) I don't care! I mean, I care, but this time I don't expect them to stay quiet. Perhaps my standards are much much lower? Also, they're in bunk beds so they can't SEE each other. I highly recommend this as well. And they're TIRED. By the time those kids crawl into bed, they're ready to sleep. It works. I am all amazement. 

This is such a good thing, since now we're looking every kind of house, from 100-year-old fixers to giant, modern suburban tract houses, and knowing these kids can share a room makes everything so flexible. And I'm so relieved! I always thought it would be sweet and nice and sibling-bond-y if they could share a room and finally it's working out. 

Now if we can just find the right HOUSE.