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In which my whole trip away is a plot to earn some extra appreciation

By the time you read this I will be trapped inside a little tin can, hurtling forth across the sky, headed to Chicago for four days of debauchery with my friends from the computer. And by "debauchery" I mean "sleeping through the night" and "not making anyone a cheese sandwich for lunch". Exciting times in the life of a 30-something SAHM blogger! 

Of course, there was the matter of Who Will Watch The Children. My husband works full time and goes to school Tuesday and Friday evenings and I didn't even BOTHER trying to work it out with him. I went straight to my most reliable babysitter, my mom, and booked her for the weekend. But then she went and got a job! Without asking me! I KNOW!

Oh, and then there was also the handful of days when my husband got his schedule mixed up and told me he would be out of town the same week (ALL WEEK) for not-mandatory work training and Internet, I about lost my mind. But let's not go there. 

We finally got it straightened out: my husband, bless his poorly scheduled yet magnanimous heart, is taking Thursday and Friday off so I can spend all our money drinking wine and shopping with people I only know through the computer. If that is not love, what is? 

So I'm super excited about my trip, but I'm also pretty excited for my husband too. He's been extra busy at work lately, and that plus the grind of grad school means I often put the kids to bed long before he even gets home. The kids didn't seem to notice much last year, when we started this insane schedule, but now that summer break is over and Daddy's back to group meetings and textbooks, they're asking for him a lot more. They want to go to Daddy's office, they want to give him a kiss and hug goodbye when they wake up in the mornings - but he's already left for work. I'm thrilled that they're going to get so much Daddy time later this week. 

And I have to say I'm a little bit thrilled about my husband adding a few days of Stay At Home Parenthood to his resume. Not that Phillip isn't a supportive spouse who immediately and willingly dives into the Crazy as soon as he gets home from work, and not that he doesn't think what I do is hard or valuable or worthy. He is, if I do say so myself, a total rock star in the Understanding Husband Department. 

But that doesn't mean he KNOWS. It doesn't mean it wouldn't BENEFIT him to have to figure out three meals a day and how to entertain a crabby three-year-old during his sister's nap time. He'll get to field the mind-numbing "but WHY?" questions all day long, he'll do the potty training, he'll do all the discipline. Wahoo! It'll be GOOD for him! 

When Molly was born Phillip took a week off from work. He took two weeks when Jack was born and it was beautiful wonderful time for all three of us - I'm blessed to be able to say that, I know! We were both looking forward to a similar time with Molly, but we didn't quite factor in taking care of the OTHER kid. He was a handful, to say the least, and it was Phillip who did the majority of Jack Wrangling during those first several weeks. When some childless friends came to see the new baby, I overheard Phillip telling the husband that now that he'd watched Jack on his own for a few days he had a whole new appreciation of what I do. Not a bad thing, am I right Ladies of the Internet?!

So perhaps I'm hopeful he'll get a bit of a refresher this weekend. I'm sure the kids will be awesome and they'll do fun stuff together (and, let's face it, my husband is WAY more easy going than I am anyway) but it wouldn't be so bad to hear a sigh of relief when I get home. And I suppose the end of this post should note that I'll get to experience what my husband does on a daily basis and develop a renewed appreciation for HIM, but, uh, nope! I'm off for a fabulous girls' weekend! Thanks, honey!