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Free Time Gives Me the Fidgets

Recently I read a blog post where the blogger was complaining about super busy weekends. She hated them. Too much to do! How exhausting! How did she get stuck with all these obligations? She just wants to RELAX! Why couldn't they just stay home and do NOTHING?

I have to tell you, dear readers: I could not relate to this blog post AT ALL. 

I belong to the highly annoying class of people who look at an empty calendar or stare down an unplanned weekend and begin to panic. What will we DO? What do we need to get DONE? We can't sit around all day long! Relaxing - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? 

My husband aka The King Of Relaxing finds my need to figure out our weekends (and plan our evenings and fill up our vacation days and Know What We Are Doing At Every Hour) overwhelming, not to mention almost unbearably stressful and irritating. I would say that HIS preference for playing every hour by ear is stressful and irritating, except that I find that more people are like him than like me. And when I do find a person like myself, we're both very excited. It's like we share a little secret, a common gene. An empty hour gives you hives? ME TOO!

A few weeks ago I met up with an internet friend who, I discovered, hates free time, just like me. And the way she talked about it made me realize WHY. Maybe I'm not just as crazy and Type A as my husband thinks - maybe planning every hour is how I SURVIVE. 

I mean, think about it! I'm a stay at home mom. I have two small demanding children who like to do things like pour water from this bucket into that one, tear all the magnets off the fridge and hide them in boxes all over the house, put on their backpacks and march up and down the stairs while announcing that they are going to school. And I... like to read. Oh, and check my email. And eat - I really like to read blogs while checking my email every five minutes and eating a sugary snack. That's, like, IDEAL. But this doesn't really work out, you know, for watching the kids. And since pouring water for longer than five minutes bores me to death, I have to find stuff for us to do. LOTS of stuff. 

Every week I am emailing all my friends with kids, finding days and times for us to meet up and play. Because it's totally okay for the kids to be pouring water back and forth if I have a friend to talk to while they're doing it. I check the weather to see if we can go to the park or the zoo or the wading pool. I take full advantage of the grandparents, who have much higher Water Pouring Thresholds than I do. I know what errands are okay to run with the kids, and I strategically schedule those throughout the week. And I know which things I CAN'T do with kids, and I try to cram those in during the weekends, or the evenings when my husband is home. Which is, maybe, possibly, PERHAPS why I am fidgety on Saturday mornings. BECAUSE I WANNA GET STUFF DONE!

But I AM sympathetic to my husband, because I KNOW that I am a fidgety sort of person and unless I have PLANNED to sit around doing nothing, I don't really enjoy it. I know other people actually like lazing about in their pajamas till noon, that they find this restful and rejuvenating. But there's GOT to be some of you out there who get shaky just thinking about it, just like me. Out yourselves! Does free time make you nervous too?