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Mommy and Me

I had the glorious pleasure of spending the weekend totally, 100 percent alone with my boys. Hubby was off in Florida for a wedding and my mom was spending the weekend with my sister's kids.

In the leaves

"Are you going to miss me?" my husband asked as I drove him to the airport. "Of course," I sheepishly replied. And I was going to miss him, but I couldn't very well tell him how much I was looking forward to spending 48 hours all alone with my boys, especially when I was originally supposed to accompany hubby to the wedding.

I took Friday off from work, put the computer away and turned the ringer off on the phone to get a headstart on the "Mommy and Me" time I had planned. I spent much of Friday laughing lying on the floor with Lucas playing "trains" — circling our respective engines around the track, under bridges and through the air. Justin sat with us, his own train in hand, looking on and laughing as we maneuvered our engines. Time passed — no distractions, no TV on, and nothing but giggles and choo-choo sounds echoing through the house.

That evening Lucas and I dined on grilled cheese and lemonade, while Justin blew raspberries with his green beans and pears. After dinner, we retired to the playroom for some good old-fashioned running around in circles, followed by some singing and piano pounding. When it was time to put Justin to bed, Lucas wanted to accompany me. While I nursed Justin to sleep, Lucas lay in the darkened room, legs in the air, using his hands as imaginary planes, occasionally looking up to whisper, "Is he asleep yet?"

When it was Lucas' time for bed, I, too, got into my jammies, curled up next to him and hunkered down for a guilt-free sleepover. We read two extra books and told each other stories in the dark before drifting off, Lucas' head snuggled against my shoulder. I did end up in my own bed somewhere around 3:00 A.M., and was pleasantly surprised when the next time I awoke it was 7:30 and Justin was quietly babbling in his crib.

I had a long list of errands slated for Saturday, but I quickly set the list aside when the day's weather forecast was a bright and sunny 70 degrees. After all, it's not often that temperatures approach balmy in Philadelphia in the middle of November! So off to the park we went, lunch in hand. Laundry went undone, calls went unreturned, mail unopened. We had a great dinner at a local 50's-style burger joint, and we all retired to bed with full bellies and smiles on our faces.


on the Slide

Sunday was dramatically different weather-wise, so the boys and I spent a leisurely morning in bed in our jammies. We played hide-and-seek under the covers, talked about doing nothing for the day and read some books before finally deciding to get dressed and have a late breakfast. Thankfully a pre-arranged playdate fell through, so we spent the rainy afternoon just passing time: Justin alternating between laughing at his big brother and taking slobbery tastes of whatever toy he could fit in his mouth, Lucas playing with his armory of cars, and me looking on in oozy, gooshy admiration, until we went to pick Daddy up from the airport.

The weekend wasn't without some bumpy spots, but there were no naptime battles, no tantrums, no battles of will. I'm not naïve enough to think that if I spent time alone with the boys again this weekend, things would go exactly the same — after all, Lucas is 2 ½ and Justin is only 7 months. But I'm going to enjoy the memories of this wonderful weekend. It's not often that I get a chance not only to spend such shameless, guilt-free time enjoying being a mother, but also to forget about being an adult for a whole 48 hours.