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The Mommy Weight Trap™ (MWT) Update

With two children and life constantly tapping me on the shoulder, is it possible to do something totally for me? Well, I am certainly going to try: Fundraising letters have been mailed, e-mails sent, website built, and one padded bicycle seat purchased — let the transformation begin!

Six months back I wrote about how unhappy I was with my body, and my plan to change that by training for a 100-mile bike ride that takes place in June 2007. Unfortunately, until last week not much had changed. As it turns out, the spring Leukemia and Lymphoma Society® Team in Training program did not start until now, which had left me with that long, uneventful lull and no MWT updates to report.

Sunday will be my first day of training. As I mentally prepare for this major undertaking, I recall a time in my life when I once belonged to a gym and actually went. Every day, in fact. I also recall when I bought the fixings for a salad and actually made the salad. But along came a husband, a more demanding job, two children, and the general demands of life. Gym? What's that? Lettuce? Isn't that the green stuff I buy so it can turn into moldy soup in my veggie drawer?

As I said in my first MWT post, admitting that I hate the way I look was the first step in tackling the MWT. Now, Husband and I finally embark on step two. And while I am admittedly nervous about my ability to actually bike 100 miles — and at an elevation of 4,580 feet — I plan on sticking to my 2007 motto: "New year, new me."

But an even greater motivation than a new me, or beating the MWT, is completing a long-distance event as a symbol of endurance and hope for everyone who has battled leukemia, lymphoma, or any other blood cancer. I sincerely hope that by training for this bike ride, I will not only regain a healthy lifestyle, but will also be a positive role model for my children.

So I guess I'm not doing something totally for me — I'm also doing something for my boys. And for life.