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My Big Change

Change. Could there possibly be a better word to sum up your life when you become a parent? Perhaps chaotic? Unpredictable? Insane? Tired? Okay, there are many words that can sum up your life when you become a parent. All of them, however, fall under that broad umbrella of change.

Once upon a time, there was a man and wife who slept late on Saturdays. They went on road trips with barely a moment's notice. While scanning the paper, if they saw a movie they wanted to see that started in 20 minutes, they could pick up and be there before the previews began. That was the life of a couple without children. They had a small, hip apartment that had breakable items that you didn't have to step on tiptoes to see. They lived in a home that had televisions without fingerprints, walls without crayon marks, and carpets without juice stains.

Then came My Big Change, also know as Becoming a Mom.

For a woman who loves sleep (and I mean LOVES sleep -- more than coffee and chocolate and even chocolate coffee), suddenly having a tiny person disrupting every aspect of sleep was unsettling. Going from a woman who believed that the only way one could survive waking up in the morning was if it was a gentle and slow process, to becoming a woman who now awoke to the blood curdling, chilling screams from a person that weighed less than a Thanksgiving turkey was as unsettling as it came. Change.

Before My Big Change, I was a woman who loved to spend time getting ready in the morning. I never insisted on having the perfect hair and make-up. I simply loved the process of getting ready: the long hot shower … the body lotion … the facial moisturizer. It was an entire process that was both feminine and luxurious. After My Big Change, I felt blessed if I took a shower at all. The days I did manage a shower, it was usually done so fast I barely had time to get wet.

In the moment of my son's birth, I learned how to love more than I ever imagined possible. I learned a love that was unlike anything I had ever known. I watched that love grow not only for my husband and child, but for my new life as a mom.

It took My Big Change to shake things up. Becoming a mom brought fear and uncertainty when my life was shaken up like dime-store snow globe. But it also gave me the strength, courage, and passion for life that I could never have imagined before.

Change? Seriously, it is the perfect synonym for parenting!


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