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My Favorite Child

I know it is politically incorrect for a mom to admit that she has a favorite child, but I do. I can't help it. When you have three kids who all have such different personalities, it's only human to have a favorite.

I have a favorite child. But don't tell them.

My favorite child would have to be my oldest, who started me on this journey of motherhood. After two days of labor, two and half hours of pushing, and a very rough first night, I never thought we would bond. Yet, holding him my arms I felt something stir in me unlike anything else I had ever felt. Oh, we had it rough at first. He was colicky and had reflux and was not the kind of baby that liked to snuggle. From day one, he was independent. He suffered through my inexperience more than once. In fact, as a teenager, he is still struggling through all of the firsts a parent goes through. I don't know how things are "supposed" to be done but then again, neither does he. Together, we get through it with the bumps and bruises only a first born child can know. I have seen him grow and become an ever stronger, self confident person. He has a sense of humor that can snap me out of any bad mood. We have better conversations than I have with most adults. He can charm the socks off of anyone he meets. We are closer than I thought I could be with a teenager who, let's face it, doesn't want Mom around all the time. We have something I can't duplicate or imagine sharing with anyone else. I guess I could say my oldest would have to be my favorite child.

I have a favorite child. But don't tell them.

My middle son would have to be my favorite. He drew the short straw when it comes to family birth order, rarely getting to do anything first. But he has parents who are a bit wiser and a bit more in tune with this parenting thing, and he benefits by the fact that we make fewer mistakes and have learned to just enjoy parenthood. He reaped the benefit of a mother who wanted (and knew she could) worry less and enjoy her son more. My second-born son has the kindest heart of anyone I know, adult or child. He doesn't tolerate anyone picking on another person. He is the embodiment of kindness. And I can see a lot of myself in him when it comes to being silly and learning to laugh at life in all its insanity. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and that endears him all the more to me. A child like this is special, and keeps me aware of just how much pain there can be in this world. He makes me want to protect him more, but still share him with the world, knowing the world is a better place with him in it. He warms my heart and reminds me on a daily basis how much I love being his mom. He just became a teenager "officially" and asked me if that meant we would argue now. I cannot imagine that. We are too close, and he is too sensitive to be the nasty teen that so many parents fear. He is the very definition of a good person with a heart of gold. Yes, I suppose it is fair to say that my middle son is my favorite.

I have a favorite child. But don't tell them.

My daughter would have to be considered my favorite. After a very rough patch in my life, we decided we were finished having children. The last thing I thought I would be blessed with is a daughter. Yet there she was, entering my life when I least expected it. She is so much like I was at her age, but better. She says I am her best friend, and she means it. I was just as close to my own mom, so it warms my heart every time she says it. I can see so much of my mom and myself in her laugh and her smile. She is a lover of life. She was granted what neither son had: a relaxed mom who knows that dirt washes off, you can paint over marker "art" on a wall, and the knowledge that I am capable of being a good mom. Being so much younger then her brothers, she and I are constant companions. We laugh. We play. We are silly. She gets the mom that I wish the other two children had more of when they were younger. We have always called her the family's baby, and she seems to have the best of all of us in her. She freely gives hugs and kisses. She loves to do things as a family. She throws her whole heart and soul into living. She is my little girl. My last miracle. My baby. I suppose that would mean she is my favorite child.

I am blessed. My world would never be complete without my favorite child. All three of them.


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