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My House Just Looks Messy

My house just looks messy. In truth, it’s in a cocoon of filth and chaos on its way to becoming the most organized, decluttered, and beautiful house in the history of houses. The differences between filth and progress are very subtle so I will walk you through a few of them.

1. Every spice I own is out on the kitchen table, not because I forgot to put every single one of them away but because I’m in the process of putting them in new containers, labeling them and arranging them perfectly. I must admit that I’m not arranging them as quickly as I could because it’s rather convenient to have them all just sitting out on the table like that for when I need them.

2. There’s a wheelbarrow full of large dirty rocks sitting on my driveway with a large pile of the same rocks stacked nearby. Half the front walkway is lined with chaotic greenage and half is a bare patch of dirt. We’re making things beautiful, of course! With my ouchy back and Dan’s lack of need for landscaping aesthetics, I’ve finally hired a friend’s teenaged son to come help me transform my weedy mess into a garden oasis.

3. Here a toy, there a toy, everywhere a toy toy. Some of the toys are legitimate kid-induced wreckage but a lot of the whirlwind is created by me. I’m getting ready for an imaginary garage sale that may turn into a reality if I can get the kids to stop taking the toys we’ve “given away” out of the "sell" pile. This pile also includes house wares, clothes, accessories, and weird things that I can’t imagine why we ever bought them in the first place.

4. Bags of fabric are stacked up next to the couch because I’m creative and because our Joanne Fabrics store is closing and everything MUST GO. I had no choice. They said it HAD TO GO. So I helped, and now I look at the bags of fabric and dream of creative projects while I run around the house trying to finish the ten tons of other things I’ve got going.

5. Ten towels and a stack of clothes and big boy underpants. I have a similar pile in my car and in my house. I was driving a friend around the other day and she asked if we’d just gone to the beach. “No,” I said, “We’ve gone to potty training.” We don’t like it there but it’s a necessary evil and the dude is already 3 so unfortunately I can’t put it off much longer. He’s doing OK, but we’ve got a long way to go before there will not be stacks of towels at the ready around my house.

So, all of these messes mean big things are coming. I’m sure that when they’re gone, others will take their place. Such is my life. I could stress about it all, but I choose to blog it and forget it instead.


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