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My Inner Two-Year-Old

In many ways Magoo and I are alike.

1. We both like having choices — Magoo hates wearing clothes but is much more likely to put away his nakedness if he gets to pick what he's wearing. Recently we had all kinds of drama deciding which preschool to choose for Laylee. In the end we chose the only one we could get into. It didn't sit right with me. We only put her in that preschool because we felt like we had no choice. If only we could have gotten into my first or second choice school. Wah, wah, wah. Life was not fair. Then months later I got a call from both of our top choice schools, saying they'd had cancellations and we could enroll her if we chose to do so. After 24 hours of debate, we decided that the school we'd originally been "forced" into choosing was actually the best choice after all. I am finally at peace with the decision because I finally feel like got to MAKE the decision.

So many emotions for such a small person to handle

2. Our emotions can be erratic — I like to blame mine on PMS, the weather, or the phase of the moon. Magoo likes to blame his on cheese, the injustice of a clean house, or dead slugs who are no longer capable of playing with him.

3. We are both extremely squishable and quite photogenic.

4. We like to jump on beds. Mom tells us both that we shouldn't do it. One of us listens.

One of us really likes trucks, while the other prefers new Honda Odysseys with leather stowable seats and a navigation system

5. We have selective hearing loss — "Mom. Can I watch the princess pony movie for the one hundredth time?" "What's that? I couldn't quite hear you."

"Magoo. Come here. It's nap time." He runs in the opposite direction.

"I was thinking about doing a chocolate cake for her birthday." He comes running in from outside, "WHERE'S IT CAKE?! EEEE CHOCOLATE!?"

6. Many of our dance moves are the same. I'm not sure which ones he's taught me and which ones he's picked up from watching me get funky in the living room. Either way, we will be a force to be reckoned with when they premiere the new hit show, So You Think You Can Dance With Yo Mama.

7. We laugh more than we cry. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

8. We love talking on the phone, especially to Dan. We both chat and chat and chat but when we're done, we're done. Period. (I tend to be a bit more polite in my exit strategy.)

9. We never stop moving.

10. Until we crash.

11. Once we're in bed, we like to stay in bed… pretty much forever. I'll sometimes go to get Magoo out of bed in the morning if I haven't heard from him by 9 or 10 and even if he's awake, he'll pull the covers over his head and say, "No. I sleeping," and stay there until I drag or bribe him out of his cage. It brings a tear to my eye to see how well I've taught him.


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