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My Kids Travel Better than I Do

This morning I flew to Las Vegas with my husband, my kids, and my in-laws. In fact, I am writing this very post from the middle of my king-sized hotel room bed, fifteen feet away from the largest bathtub I have ever seen in my life. This hotel suite is SWANK, people, with seemingly more space than my own HOUSE, and property management may have to drag me out of here by my sopping wet fresh-out-of-the-amazing-pool ponytail. (Although that may have more to do with not wanting to endure what it will take to get myself, my husband, my kids, and my in-laws back to our own homes.)

If you follow me on Twitter you already know there was, shall we say, a slight mishap with our tickets. My father-in-law booked a 7 PM flight thinking it was a 7 AM flight, and the first person to catch this was the nice man at the check-in counter. Surprise!

This, after rocking Molly back to sleep from 2 to 3 am, a 4:30 am alarm and driving to not one, not two, but THREE airport parking lots in search of my in-laws after they inexplicably decided not to follow the driving directions. We were tired and cranky and the ride was unacceptably turbulent, which didn’t help. Someone forgot to pack any REAL food (I thought we’d be lunching at a casino buffet!) and we weren’t sitting together on account of the standby situation…and okay, I admit it, there might have been some tears.

I'm talking about MYSELF, of course. My KIDS were absolute ANGELS. For weeks I’ve been fretting, online and off, about how to get us all to the airport on time, how to be flexible with their schedules, what in the world I will do if Molly howls through the entire flight. But they were PERFECT. Honestly. And I’m not bragging either, I'm in shock. It wasn’t just how they easily weathered the extra time at the airport and the miserable traffic on the way to our hotel, but the total elimination of afternoon naps and the late night out at a crowded not-terribly-kid-friendly buffet. No meltdowns, no extended whining, no rampant disobedience, no fussing, no NOTHING. When I was exhausted and car sick and starving and totally frustrated, I’d look at my kids and think, “When your baby and toddler are better travelers than you are, something is wrong.”

I didn’t expect them to be horrible, but I never expected them to last as long as they did. I never expected Jack to immediately latch on to his cousins (at the Extended Cheung Family Extravaganza -- like I would ever voluntarily visit Vegas in August for kicks). I CERTAINLY did not expect my temperamental daughter to patiently sit in her stroller and car seat while all the adults around her argued over using directions written on an envelope or someone's brand new GPS gadget.

I kept saying to Phillip, especially whenever the Extended Familyness grew out of control and we weren’t able to immediately do what was best for our kids: “I am so impressed with them. SO IMPRESSED.”

They’ve been sleeping in their little orphanage-style hotel cribs for an hour now. They went down happily and easily (and I would think so since we all got about negative-four hours of sleep today). Tomorrow we’ll reward them with short trips to the pool (although this is not so much a pool as an entire aquatics center) and lunch at the correct hour and a nice Thomas DVD before bedtime. I’m so grateful to have these two right now. I’m so proud of them and so thrilled I could show them off, even at an opulent and dazzling hotel restaurant an hour past Molly’s bedtime. I have NO idea where they get their versatility, but you can bet it wasn’t from me. I now have to go test out that giant bathtub because THIS DAY WAS INSANE.