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My New Obsession. And It's Educational!

While visiting my sister over the Thanksgiving holidays, I watched her for hours as she was participating in her new obsession: cutting coupons. Yes, I admit it was much like watching an infomercial. You cannot believe you are watching it, but there really is nothing else to entertain you.

Then she told me she saved over $70 at the store when she used her coupons. My jaw hit the floor. That is a lot of money to save. I could totally get on board with that!

You should have some back story here. I used to be a fanatic about clipping coupons. I would scour through every Sunday paper. I would save every flyer for every store having a sale. I was addicted to finding the best sales and coupons. The catch? I never used them. I clipped. I organized. I took them to the store. I never used them.

You see, I do not like grocery shopping. It is a punishment every time I have to go. (I imagine it has something to do with the fact that I have to go every other day. Teenagers eat a lot!) And to top that off, I am also the woman who gets in line behind the person with 50 coupons and then proceeds to dramatically throw myself to the ground and writhe in pain as if I were losing my mind.

However, after hours (sad, isn’t it?) of watching my sister clip coupons, I decided to jump right in with her.

I remembered why I loved doing it. There is a Zen-like quality to the process.

As my second-grade daughter watched me, she decided to help. Perfect. It gave her something to do and helped her with cutting, math, and organization. I got a helper and a great backup plan when my husband saw me kick back into clipping mode.

“Mom? What are Depends? Do we need them?”

“No. Mommy is not quite at that point yet, sweetie. Give me a few years,” I replied.

A few minutes later she excitedly exclaimed, “75 cents off of Kitty Litter! That is a good deal, right, Mom?”

“Honey, do we have a cat?”


“Then I am thinking we don’t really need kitty litter, but great find!”

We went on like this for hours. Then we sorted the coupons by categories. Then, we arranged those by discounts. (All placed in a nifty coupon filer provided by my sister.)

When we got home, my husband saw my adorable coupon organizer and my scissors and a bag full of even more coupons. He just stood there shaking his head.

“No. Seriously, no. Why? Didn’t we go through this before? Are you going to actually use those?”

I rolled my eyes at him and explained that it was educational, and an activity that Gabriella and I could do together. And it was totally educational!

Since that weekend we have clipped, sorted, and organized as often as we find coupons that need clipping. Now, ask me if I have used any of them.

Not so much.

But? It is totally educational!


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