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Operation Sharing a Room: FAIL

Remember when I was all, "My baby! She sleeps through the night! Should I tempt the universe and move her into her brother's room?" That was almost FOUR MONTHS ago people. And guess who is still sleeping in the closet?

Once we convinced her that midnight was not an appropriate baby bedtime, the ten- and eleven-hour stretches of sleep vanished. I didn't mind at first, because I now had my evenings to myself (and, oh yeah, time to talk to that guy I live with) and a baby who wakes up during the night is at least a COMMON complaint. But at seven months our girl is still waking up multiple times a night and it's getting a little old. We burp and feed and rock and soothe, and a few times we even attempted that Cry It Out thing. Which didn't work because 1) we are softies and 2) she's in our CLOSET. That's awfully close quarters when someone is bawling for an unspecified yet undoubtedly long stretch of time.

Keeping her in the closet is making me so nuts that over the weekend I informed Phillip we were moving Molly into Jack's room. "That's the plan all along, right?" I huffed, daring him to challenge me. "It's not like we're getting any sleep NOW."

And Phillip, because he is trained well, only sighed and immediately went upstairs to break down the portable crib and move it to Jack's bedroom.

I knew there would be problems, and not just the two babies awake and crying in the middle of the night variety. Right now Jack can play in his room during Molly's morning nap. They don't always take their afternoon nap at the same time, and Molly almost always wakes up earlier than Jack does. I'd have to figure out new ways to dress him and change him and pack a diaper bag while she's sleeping. But, you know, lots of kids share rooms and I'm guessing the transition didn't drive ALL their parents into therapy. Right?

So we moved her in and turned out the lights. Two hours and many swear words later, that portable crib was back in my closet.

Talk about total complete unmitigated DISASTER. Molly, who is normally a fabulous sleeper until one or two in the morning, woke up three or four times before it was time to put Jack down. And I kept him up longer than I usually do, trying to give Molly a better head start, which just made him overtired and cranky. So much so that when Molly started to wail at the precise second I walked into Jack's room to put him to bed, he looked at me with giant brown eyes that said, "You're not REALLY going to leave me in here with this thing, are you?" And then HE started to wail.

We pulled Molly out, let Jack calm down and started the whole process over. Eventually Jack allowed Molly to fuss (and fussing is a necessary part of the Molly Falling Asleep Drill), but just as soon as she seemed to drift off, he'd blurt out, "Nigh nigh!" or "Monny sweep!", starting off yet another round of howling theatrics from the baby.

After a few rounds of that we gave up. There just wasn't enough wine in my house, people. I spent the rest of the night fuming on the couch, wondering how I'd led myself so astray. Have we trained her to sleep only when it's pitch black and super quiet? Did we miss the window of opportunity back when she was sleeping long stretches? Do we need to get her sleeping through the night before we move her? How are we going to do THAT? We can't deal with the crying when she's so close to us. And the only place left to put her is the guest bathroom downstairs. Oh, and did I mention that she's growing out of her crib? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

But not today. And not tomorrow. Someone suggested it might work better when they have the same bedtime. Or maybe when Molly has a more consistent sleeping pattern. Not that I'm counting on that happening any time soon. But I figure as long as my husband is still happy working the night shift, we'll be okay for now.

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