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Some of the funny scenes around here lately:


Buddy, after entering the bathroom and stepping on the stool in front of the toilet, turns around and says to me, "Mom, can you privacy me please?"

Well okay then.


Bean, during dinner last night, is not feeling her lasagna AT ALL. I see her eyeing the one piece of candy we have allotted her from her Halloween bag.

"Bean, you can have your candy as long as you finish your dinner first."

"But Mom… I don't want any more va… va… vazina." (Yes, it rhymes with the word you are thinking.)


After a few unreasonable demands from Bean at the dinner table on another night, G asks, "Hey, who's the boss here?"

Bean looks up at us and points at Buddy. Then she says, "He's the boss. Because he's got a Boston hat," referring to Buddy's Red Sox hat. She looks bewildered when G and I start laughing.


Eavesdropping on the kids while they are playing:

Bean: "Hey Buddy, let's go on a wild ad-benture!"

Buddy: "Okay! Wow! That would be great!" and then, "Hey Bean, do you want to go to Costco? Because we need to go get some food."

Oh my God our lives are so boring. Apparently our wild adventures lead to… Costco.


Bean, trying to strongarm a puzzle piece that doesn't want to fit: "ARGH! I'm. So. FUSSITATED!"


Bean, on reasoning: "He's a girl so he's a she. And he's a she so he's a her."

Got it?


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