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Overheard II

A follow-up to Overheard Part I.


Part I: Overheard outside

William, upon noticing fast-moving clouds:"The sky is moving!"

Part II: Overheard amid a pile of princess toys

William, after putting on his Batman sunglasses:  "Grace, do I look black?"

Part III: Overheard from my own mouth: "Honey, don't clean that with toast."

Part IV: Overheard while watching Zaboomafoo:

Grace: "When a turtle makes an egg, it poops it out."

Part V: Overheard from Grace"Daddy, make a silly joke today...PLEASE!"

Part VI: Overheard while coloring.

Me: "Oh, William! That's pretty!"
William: "It's not pretty! It's orange!"

Part VII: Overheard at preschool:

Teacher: "Do you like the Red Sox?"
Grace: "I don't have any red socks."


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