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The Parenting Post: "Best of the Web" Finalist

We're excited to report that The Parenting Post has been named a finalist for the MIN (Media Industry Newsletter) 2006 "Best of the Web" awards!

Nominated for best magazine blog of the year, The Parenting Post is in good company: Fellow finalists include Newsweek's On Faith, New York magazine's Grub Street, PC World's Techlog,,, Infoworld's Gripeline, and FP's Passport.

Since its launch in July, The Parenting Post has quickly become a popular feature on Our thanks go out to you, our readers, for returning time and time again — and of course to our five terrific bloggers whose smart, funny posts are so hard to resist. Congratulations Daring Young Mom, Daddy Daze, Damomma, dahGurl, and Booby Juice!

Winners will be announced April 19th. Stay tuned...and keep reading!