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President Obama Decrees Girls Must Wear Skirts

Maria regularly confesses her trespasses.

So far, it's pretty innocent:

"Mama, I used the Q-Tip by myself even though you told me not to.''

"Mama, I really got two pieces of gum instead of one.''

"Mama, I ate a chocolate Kiss before dinner when you weren't looking.''

A couple of nights ago we were snuggled in her room before bed when she quietly told me: "Mama, I am breaking the rules.” I think I stopped breathing for a second. "Barack Obama changed the world.''

"Ohhhh-K,'' I say and wait.

"He changed the world and now girls can't wear pants. Only skirts. I can't wear pants anymore because Barack Obama changed the rules.''

I laugh out loud.

Sneaky girl. She refuses to wear pants, even in below-freezing temps, and so she decided that if the President of the United States declared no more pants, then obviously, we must follow along. They're smarter than we are, aren't they?

It's been a long week and if you're like me, you're a little too tuned-in to the doom and gloom news. So, dear reader, I'm asking you to share your funny kid story of the week with me. We could all use the laugh and the reminder that we have a lot to be grateful for -- especially those of us with sneaky, skirt-loving little girls.

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